Which Week is LR Week?

What is This?

LR writes spectacular cryptic crosswords. Subscribe to his weekly PuzzleMail and you can get his goodies every week.

LR's crosswords are also published in The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald, but to an odd schedule: his crosswords are published on Mondays in blocks of four weeks on, four weeks off.

LR's newspaper schedule is difficult to keep track of. Check the schedule here to have it all make sense. Or just guarantee yourself an LR each week and subscribe to LR's PuzzleMail.

Want More LR in Your Life?

I'll repeat this over and over: subscribe to LR's PuzzleMail to get more LR in your life.

Alternatively, write to The Age or Sydney Morning Herald to demand he gets a dedicated weekly spot. Then you won't even need to check the schedule on this here website!